The Homeless Backpack "Program"

Hi, please take 30 seconds to help someone close to you. People in your own city, near your very own neighborhood, are hurting. They can't pay their mortgage or rent, not enough jobs are available, and not everyone is strong enough and brave enough to handle it.

Help just a little... it's 100% guaranteed to make your day, improve your karma and enhance your dharma.

Homeless Backpacks is just an idea, really, to be executed on by you. It's a simple plan for you to directly and profoundly help someone in your city that lost their job and their home and needs some help to get on their feet.

How it works:
  1. You go to the nearest store that carries backpacks. A small new backpack costs anywhere from $4.99 up to about $30... the first part of your donation.
  2. You go to the dollar store or local drug store and grocery store and fill the backpack with small things that people need when they don't have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and refrigerator.
  3. You casually, anonymously find a homeless person that seems destitute and appears to live in the park or on the street, and leave the backpack with him or her, telling him it's yours but you don't need it and they can have it. (Be sure it IS a homeless person so you don't offend someone!)

That's it. Then you can buy groceries knowing you've helped others eat, and buy the things you need knowing you helped others to do the same. There's no other program, nothing to buy. And you might even be surprised at how great you feel (don't tell, just smile). If you feel a great sense of fulfillment from doing it, then just pass the word.

Some ideas to get you started:
Imagine what you would need if you were camping in city parks. That's what they need too. Things they don't need can be shared or traded.

  • Travel-size soap, shampoo
  • Energy bars and candy bars
  • A few dollars
  • Self-opening mini cans (beans, soup, etc)
  • Snack-packs (cheese & crackers, etc)
  • Tums
  • Hand towel
  • Rain poncho
  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Shave kit get the idea. Make it a surprise. Don't get their name or give yours. It's just a pass-it-on Aloha kind of thing that reminds you how grateful you are and makes your city better for everyone... yourself included. And thanks so much for reading this. Pass it on to someone else who will have fun helping in this way.